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Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation

Getting to Alborg

Aalborg has a fairly small local airport (airport code AAL), but it has good connections to several major airports. You can find connections through Copenhagen (with numerous flights each day with SAS or Norwegian), Amsterdam (several daily flights with KLM), or Frankfurt (several daily flights with Lufthansa). All of these airlines have US partner airlines as well.

Aalborg Airport is very close to the city centre and you can get there by bus in 15 minutes or 10 minutes by taxi. The latter is quite expensive in Denmark, but you can be sure to drive a decent car and taxi drivers will never cheat you.

Transport in Aalborg

Aalborg has a city bus network that covers most of the city well. You can see a map of the city bus lines here. The most relevant bus lines between the city center and Aalborg University Campus (East) are lines 2 and 12. The most relevant stops in the below schedules are probably "Nytorv" - a central square fairly close to for example Hotel Aalborg and CabInn, "Aalborg Busterminal" or "Aalborg Bust." - Aalborg bus terminal, and "AAU Busterminal" - Aalborg University bus terminal.

A convenient way to look up public transportation (in Denmark in general, but in this case Aalborg in particular) is Rejseplanen. On this website you can search for a from and to stop, location, address etc. at a specific time and date and see an overview of your options. For example, use it to look up buses from Aalborg Airport to the bus terminal by entering "Aalborg Airport" and "Aalborg busterminal" as departure and arrival stops. The page is available in German and English as well as Danish.

To order a taxi, call +45 98 10 10 10 which is the number for Dantaxi, the taxi company that covers all of Aalborg. Expect this to be a bit expensive compared to some other countries. A taxi from the airport to the conference venue could set you back around 250 DKK ~ 34€, maybe more.


This page lists a number of hotels in Aalborg, mainly in the city centre: Hotels in Aalborg

Special deal: Hotel Aalborg, listed on the above page, has a special agreement with Aalborg University according to which the price is 600DKK for a single room or 700DKK for a double room (resp. ~81€ or ~94€). To book at this price, contact the hotel and tell them that you are attending the iTWIST 2016 workshop and direct them to this workshop homepage where they can see that the workshop is organised at Aalborg University.

Low budget: The CabInn seems to be the least expensive hotel available. It is quite minimalistic but new and clean.

Closest to the campus: The closest hotel to the AAU campus where the workshop takes place (see map here) is Scandic Aalborg Øst. This is about 25 minutes' walk or 14 minutes by bus from the workshop venue, but not close to the city centre.


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